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When well known Scots Fiddler Maurice Duncan from Oban, came for a holiday to Ballycastle in September of 2012, he made such an impression on the local musicians, that I felt compelled to compose this wee March in honour of his visit.

Sabine & Dick GlasgowCauseway Wedding Music: //www.causewaymusic.info

The House of McDonnell, Ballycastle: //houseofmcdonnell.blogspot.co.uk/


Maurice Duncan

Nyckelharpa, English Concertina & Mandolin.

The Trip to Cultra!

I composed this 5 part Hornpipe on my Nyckelharpa for Jeff Swann who brought my Nyckelharpa over from the South coast of England.

Jeff Swann: //www.nyckelharpa.co.uk/

Sabine & Dick GlasgowCauseway Wedding Music: //www.causewaymusic.info

Coshkib Hill Farm: //www.nmni.com/uftm/Collections/buildings/Rural-Buildings/Coshkib-Hill-Farm


NyckelharpaTenortone Tenor Guitar, Sobell Mandolin & Paragon Tenor Banjo.

Causeway Sunsets!

Here's a wee tune I composed on the Nyckelharpa.

I was inspired to write this after receiving a few strings as a gift from the maker of my Nyckelharpa, Olle Plahn.

Olle Plahn: //www.tongang.se/olle/welcome.htmlsunset.jpg

ABCs & Sheet Music: //www.thesession.org/tunes/display.php/12159

Nyckelharpa, Tenor Guitar, Mandolin & Tenor Banjo.

Sabine & Dick GlasgowCauseway Wedding Music: //www.causewaymusic.info

Set of Polkas!

Cranking things up a notch, here are a set of Irish Polkas.


A set of Irish Polkas

Scottish Set.

Here's a set of Scottish tunes.


Set of Scottish Tunes:

Air: Leaving Lismore (traditional)

March: Flett from Flotta (Donald MacLeod)

Strathspey: The Laird of Drumblair (J S Skinner)

Reel: The Gladstone (J S Skinner)

French Set!

Here's a set of French tunes which seem to be well suited to this instrument.


French Tunes

Charles O’Connor!

I'm just starting to get a feel for the Nyckelharpa, so here's a lovely Carolan piece at a nice relaxed pace.


Charles O'Connor was the eldest son of Denis O'Connor. He was taught to play the harp by Carolan.

See: //pybertra.free.fr/ceol/carolan.htm

Sabine & Dick GlasgowCauseway Wedding Music: //www.causewaymusic.info

Nyckelharpa, Tenor Guitar, Mandolin, Tenor Banjo & Anglo Concertina.


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